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  • Elba Tape, incorporation of which dates back 60 years, demonstrated a company profile which focuses on customer satisfaction with an insight for implementing the prospective projects rapidly in the last 11-year period. Starting from year 2011, Elba engaged with comprehensive investment activities in order to be able to offer its customers the best, in principle as regards the “quality”.
  • Elba managed to increase its production figures to 17-18 million m2 in year 2012, which was 2.5 million m2 in year 2000. Thus, Elba managed to implement the aimed quality insight and managed to export its products top 37 countries.
Kurumsal Tarihçe
  • Engaged only with production of OPP Hot Melt parcel sealing tapes for long years, Elba managed to incorporate new products to its product range, displaying continuous improvement at the product range.
  • Elba is the first company to produce solvent based protective tapes in Turkey. Today, Elba is currently capable of producing both solvent based and water based-acrylic based high quality protective tapes with/without prints and at all colors and sizes by virtue of the Robotic Coextruction machinery capable of producing films with full integration, the Recovery system which prevents pollution in the environment and recovers the consumed solvent, solvent based adhesive chemical unit manufactured from natural rubber, printing unit capable of printing 6 colors, Adhesive Application and Coating machinery with 2.5 cm width, slicing machinery capable of cutting even the narrowest dimensions and cardboard roll production department. Elba is currently capable of producing both solvent based and water based-acrylic based high quality protective tapes with/without prints and at all colors and sizes.
  • Recently, Solvent Based Masking Tape – Solvent Based Double Sided Adhesive Tapes are also incorporated into the product range.
  • Elba continuously expanded its Coextruction department and today Elba is capable of producing stretch films as well as CPP films and Coex films with two units of cast film machines, one having 2.5 m. and the other having 1 m. width, and 2 units of high capacity Balloon System Film machine with 2.50 cm width. Elba also commenced production of Food Stretch with 8/10 Micron thickness. Elba is further capable of producing all kinds of lamination films by virtue of its lamination plant.
  • In addition to ISO 9000 Quality Certification, which is held for 15 years, Elba also holds ISO 22000 Quality Certification intended for production of foodstuff.
  • The production plant of Elba is currently established on 16.500 m2 indoors area on a land covering 42.000 m2 in total. By virtue of the additional facilities to be constructed in the future, the plant will cover an indoors area of 30.000m2.
  • Planning to incorporate OPP solvent based parcel sealing tapes to its product range in the near future, Elba aims to incorporate 2-3 new products to its existing product range until year 2015 and adopted this as a principle and comprehensive studies on this subject matter are currently in progress. Our company provides employment opportunities for more than 200 individuals.
Kurumsal Tarihçe
  • As Elba, we are endeavoring to focus on technologic projects that predicate on deliberative and sound foundations in order to render the improvements continuous and to further expand the product range. We believe wholeheartedly that we are investing to the future of our country with such insight.
  • Any and all kinds of destructive competitions, all kinds of obstacles and challenges experienced in the past further motivated the entire team of Elba and paved the way for the current standing of the company.
  • I believe that Elba family will work in line with the developments in the World with the same insight and same pace by closely monitoring the requirements of the era and adopting honesty as principle. We will continue to observe our strengths in accordance with our established codes and never forget that there are more to learn and develop.
  • We are delighted and satisfied about the future with the third generation of employees who started to take up functions and responsibilities at the lower levels of our company after their higher education in addition to the first and second generation of employees who managed to make Elba one of the most reputable industrial companies of our country with their endeavors.
  • Within the frame of our social responsibility insight, we are maintaining and gradually increasing our assistance and grants to the physically handicapped individuals and the students every year. We will never abstain from making necessary contributions without forgetting our responsibility towards the society, humanity and the environment.

    Mois Kohen
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