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News from Elba

Our plant is now more environmentally friendly
The solvent consumed in the plant is recovered by virtue of the solvent recovery system commissioned in year 2006, while the heat recovery system, which is an integral part of the said system, on the other hand, recovers all waste energy to the system, thus ensuring more efficient use of energy.

7 May, 2010

Your work is now easier than never with Elba double sided tapes.
Elba double sided tapes with solvent adhesive provide great convenience in terms of both industrial and general usage by virtue of its special adhesive featuring high adhesion capabilities and easy detachment upon completion of the work.

11 June, 2011

The professionals trust Elba for parcel sealing tapes.
The prominent brands of our country prefer Elba for their parcel sealing tape procurements. By virtue of the printing option for up to 6 different colors and special color choices, Elba Parcel Sealing Tapes are the first preference of Turkey due to its robustness and easy use.

15 November, 2012

Your Products are under protection with Elba Stretch Films!
Featuring a tensile strength up to 300%, Elba Stretch Films made a distinguished name by virtue of its robustness and high quality. Manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses, Elba Stretch Films is preferred by the prominent manufacturers of our country and the world with its special formula.

22 December, 2012

Meet our Products

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    • Parcel Sealing Tapes
      • With Hot Melt adhesive
      • Featuring strong adhesion properties
      • Ability to print up to 6 colors on transparent, brown and white tape
      • Length up to 6.000m
      • Jumbo size if requested
    • Masking Tapes
      • Solvent based tapes
      • Resistant to heat up to 120ºC
      • Strong adhesion properties
      • Leaves no marks
      • Suitable for industrial or general use
      • Jumbo size if requested
    • Double Sided Tapes
      • With Solvent adhesive
      • Maximum width of 1.230mm.
      • Strong adhesion properties
      • suitable for industrial or general use
      • Jumbo size if requested
    • Surface Protection Films
      • High UV resistance
      • Easy to affix, easy to remove
      • Leaves no marks
      • Conforms to ISO standards
      • Ability to print up to 6 colors on transparent, transparent blue, black and white tape
    • Pallet Stretch Films
      • Width and thickness tailored to the order
      • 17-20-23 micron standards
      • Jumbo machine stretch and manual stretch options
      • Power Stretch, Super Power and Pre-Stretch varieties
    • Wrapping Nylon
      • Double layer in the range of 90 cm 220 cm
      • Single layer up to maximum 440 cm
      • 3 layers might be supplied as Co-ex
    • CPP Films
      • Excellent radiance and transparency, and low dampness with satiated structure
      • Perfect lamination adhesive adhesion
      • Ideal for bakery products, legumes and macaroni packaging.
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