Çift Taraflı Bantlar
  • Your product is under Elba’s protection. Employing the state-of-the-art technological advancements, Elba ensures that your product reaches to the ultimate user without any scratches and contamination and as being protected against the abrasive effect of the natural conditions by virtue of the protective films manufactured with specifically developed water and solvent-based adhesives.
Yüzey Koruma Filmleri
  • Fields of Use

    • For protection of all surfaces sensitive against scratching, such as PVC and aluminum window profiles, sandwich panel, wood, glass, all kinds of bright plastic surfaces, etc.
Yüzey Koruma Filmleri
  • Technical Properties

    • High UV resistance, easy to apply, easy to remove
    • Leaves no adhesive and trace when removed, complies with ISO Standards
    • Opportunity to print Transparent, Transparent Blue, Black, White or 6 color options
    • Can be supplied with widths in the range of 30 mm. - 2200 mm.;
    • Can be supplied in desired size with length varying in the range of 500 m.-1.000 m.;
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