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  • Fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001 Standards and ISO 22000 Standards in the best manner available.
  • Produce high quality products through continuous training of the employees and state-of-the-art technological advancements in accordance with the mentioned objectives.
  • Become capable of engaging with competition at international level by means of improving our efficiency, minimizing our production losses and improving our prices.
  • Continuous monitoring of the technological advancements and maintaining investments on the equipment park in order to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest levels possible by means of identifying the needs of the customers and creating with innovative and creative solutions towards the expectations and needs of the customers.
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  • Aspire to achieve the excellence in the quality through continuous improvement of the production processes.
  • Identify the needs of the market through information exchange with our subsidiary industry and expand the product range and offer our products both the domestic market and the international markets.
  • Prioritize and be solicitous about work health and safety and environment in accordance with the principles established in our company and maintained for 60 years.
  • Ensure that all departments comprehend the fact that prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else is the most fundamental stipulation, thus it is necessary to elaborate quality, in particular, and the pricing policy accordingly.
Kalite ve Çevre
Kalite ve Çevre
  • Determine and assess the impact of the products that we produce on the environment in advance, and to set our environmental objectives and aims.
  • Conduct necessary studies for achieving such purpose and objectives, and to ensure protection and continuous improvement of the environment.
  • Recognize the fact that the researches on the solutions intended for the root of the problems constitute the foundation of the environment protection studies and to actively approach to the environmental protection principle during all stages, from process development to the disposal.
  • Conduct studies as regards reduction of wastes and minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • Maintain our activities as a company attaching importance to the environment through studies intended for reducing the consumption of natural sources and energy.
  • Organize training and awareness-rising activities intended for the employees of the company in order to improve the environmental consciousness.
  • Elba demonstrates a concerned and responsible approach towards the environmental issues and information currently on the agenda, and towards the public awareness. Elba hereby represents that it will meet and abide by the requirements of the applicable environment legislation; that it will engage with continuous improvement activities and that it will ensure prevention and minimization of the pollution.
  • The aforementioned policy represented and implemented by Elba Tape is notified to all our employees and also to all individuals working on behalf of our firm and is accessible by the public and the third parties.
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  • Our environmental policy does not consist of only the well-intentioned statements. Elba fulfills the requirements of such insight with diligence through the investments made and plants commissioned.
  • Solvent Recovery system enables recovery of 90% of the hundreds of tons of solvent used at our production processes. The recovered solvent is distilled and decomposed and returned to the production process.
  • The energy used for solvent recovery is also recovered and used at the plant. By this means, Elba Tape managed to decommission approximately 5 million Kcal/h boiler capacity.
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  • The heat recovered from the flue gasses from operational boilers is used for preliminary calefaction of the equipment in some departments at the production plant, thus ensuring operation of the existing boilers at lower capacities.
  • The domestic heating used at the plant and all required heat is generated through environmentally friendly processes with recovered energy.
  • The domestic solid wastes generated at our plant are treated through the biological treatment plant established in our plant and discharged as nonhazardous for the environment.
  • Currently the R&D studies as regards wind and solar energy are in progress and Elba Tape also intends to commission and engage renewable energy sources in the short term.
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