ELBA Policy

Symbol of Determination and Quality

As ELBA, we continue our commitment to offer high standards of products with pride and determination. We aim for uninterrupted excellence in the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, product quality and environmental awareness by implementing training and development activities in order to improve awareness of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, to achieve our determined goals, to inform our employees of their responsibilities regarding the systems and to increase their competencies.

1. Satisfaction of Our Stakeholders: The satisfaction of our stakeholders is at the center of our business. We are determined to understand our stakeholders’ demands, respond to their needs quickly and effectively, and exceed their expectations. We carry out every stage of our activities by taking into account the standards, legal and other conditions to which we are subject to, and we continue our business with the aim of keeping the satisfaction of our stakeholders at the highest level.

2. Superior Quality: Quality is one of ELBA’s core values. We pay the highest level of attention and care to ensure excellent quality at every stage of our products, from the project phase to the delivery. We are committed to provide the right product and service the first time by continuously increasing our quality standards and preventing possible errors in our processes with a risk-based approach.

3. Environmental Awareness: It is a sacred duty for ELBA to eliminate accidents and hazards reduce risks by identifying hazards and risks related to environmental aspects and accidents. We use the latest technologies to avoid harming the environment in the production processes of our products. We have a zero waste certificate. We pay special attention to recycling and energy efficiency. We act by taking the life cycle approach into consideration and knowing and protecting the needs of future generations, carrying out activities to prevent environmental pollution and using raw materials suitable for recycling. We support the protection of the environment by controlling and monitoring resource use and applying the zero waste principle.

4. Occupational Health and Safety: The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. We provide a safe work environment by taking all necessary precautions regarding occupational health and safety. By carrying out activities to maximize occupational safety, eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks; We encourage a culture sensitive to occupational health by preventing work accidents, injuries and health deterioration.

5. Human Resources: Our employees are the keystone of our success. Fair recruitment, development opportunities and diversity in the workplace are a testament to the value we place on our employees. We constantly invest to increase the motivation of our employees and develop their skills.

6. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We follow technological developments and attach importance to innovation to continuous improvement our products. We attach importance to consulte with employees regarding all management system processes and ensure employee participation in the processes. We carry out activities to continuously improve the performance of quality, environmental and occupational health management systems.

7. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities: ELBA fully commits all its legal other conditions and ethical responsibilities. ELBA is committed to full compliance with business ethics, competition rules and relevant legislation. We attach importance to protect the information and documents we have obtained regarding all our relevant parties and ensure business continuity at the highest level by increasing the effectiveness of the information security process.

This policy document reflects ELBA’s commitments and values.