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Company Environmental Policy and Awareness of Responsibility

We attach great importance to environmental sensitivity and sustainability principles. We manage our way of doing business, production processes and daily activities in accordance with these values.

As an environmentally conscious company, we are constantly working to encourage the conscious use of natural resources and energy. We improve the environmental awareness of our employees through training and awareness-raising activities we organise within the company and we attach importance to public awareness, legislation and relevant information.

Environmental Compliance and Commitments

We act with the commitment to fully fulfil the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation. We are committed to prevent pollution and minimise our impact on the environment through our continuous improvement approach. Our company policy is open and publicly accessible to our employees as well as to all persons working on behalf of our company, so that everyone has the opportunity to closely observe our commitment to environmental protection and quality.

Solvent Recovery System and Environmentally Friendly Production

We support environmentally friendly production principles by recovering hundreds of tonnes of solvent. We use resources more efficiently by recycling energy for solvent recovery.

Energy Efficiency and Recycling

We meet our domestic heating and energy needs with recycling energy, thus ensuring a production process that respects nature. We process solid wastes with biological treatment and dispose of them without harming the environment.

Investment in Renewable Energy and R&D Studies

We are advancing our goal of using renewable energy resources with our R&D studies on wind and solar energy. With these commitments, we continue our activities as a company sensitive to both the environment and quality.

Responsibility for the Future

As ELBA, we are aware that we bear responsibility not only in our business but also in the future of our environment and our world. With this mission, we continue to work for a sustainable future by adopting environmentally friendly practices.
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