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MaterialsOur materials expertise enables us to provide the most suitable products for your needs.

“With our experienced team and in-depth knowledge, we offer customised solutions for every sector. With customer support, we provide fast and effective solutions to your problems and are with you every step of the way”.

We consider four key factors in determining the solutions we offer our customers: Material, manufacturing process, product lifecycle and surface condition.

Areas of UseHigh strength
impeccable protection

Aluminum Profiles and Sheets

Aluminium profiles and sheets require effective protection against damage during production processes, fabrication and other related operations. ELBA offers the optimum solution for these situations.

Plastic Profiles and Sheets

Discover ELBA's full range of processing and protective films designed specifically for plastic sheeting, setting the standard for quality and innovation in the industry.

Stainless Steel Profiles and Sheets

The manufacturing process from flat stainless steel coil/sheet to the final product is a demanding process. In this process, ELBA processing films prevent manufacturing defects in your stainless steel.

Pre-Coated Metals

ELBA meticulously manages the production processes that enable pre-coated metal surfaces to be used as increasingly stylish and essential materials in sectors such as design, industry and transport.

Glass and Mirrors

ELBA offers innovative protection films for glass and mirrors - precious architectural materials that add transparency, light and colour to buildings. The films we have developed for the glass industry are designed to meet specific needs.

Laminates and Different Wood Species

The high adhesion level of ELBA products allows panel edges to be protected when painting or varnishing without the risk of paint or varnish penetration between the film and the surface.

Customised solutions for special requirements

Carry Your Business to the Top with Our Products that Prevent Damage on Surfaces

“The Key to Perfection on Surfaces: Exceed customer expectations with our product that combines protection and performance in your processes!”

“ELBA Surface Protection Films help you maintain the integrity and condition of your surfaces by preventing dirt, scratches and tool marks in your industrial processes. It allows you to get the best performance from your production machines and meet your customers’ precision and aesthetic expectations!”


What we doDiscover ELBA's collection of masking, single and double sided tape.

ELBA’s duct tapes offer versatile solutions for a wide range of tasks including packaging, transport, repair, protection, wrapping, patching, sealing, repairing, fixing and box closing.

ELBA’s solvent-based double-sided tapes offer exceptional versatility and convenience for both industrial and general applications thanks to their unique adhesives with superior adhesion properties.

ELBA masking tapes provide strong adhesion for a variety of applications in both industrial and general use. They can be easily removed without leaving traces and perform extremely well in painting and at high temperatures.

"Durable, Reliable, Rooted"

Packing Tapes


Masking Tapes

Heat Resistance

+80°C – +120°C