Masking tape on wooden background.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is an adhesive tape usually used to protect a specific surface or create a specific pattern during painting or coating processes. Masking tape is designed to prevent splashing or smearing of paint or coating on the surface where it is used.

Masking tapes can have different technical characteristics, often depending on the intended use and application conditions. Therefore, when choosing the right masking tape, it is important to consider your application requirements. ELBA masking tapes provide strong adhesion in both industrial and general use. They perform extremely well at high temperatures.

Technical specifications of ELBA masking tape

  • Produced with solvent-based natural rubber glue technology
  • 80ºC-120ºC heat resistant
  • Has strong adhesion properties
  • Easy to remove without leaving traces
  • Available as jumbo coil upon request