Laminates and various types of wood

The high adhesion of ELBA products allows panel edges to be protected during painting or varnishing without the risk of paint or varnish penetrating between the film and the surface. Each type of wood and its finish requires specific solutions. As part of its systemic approach to support and advice, ELBA will help you choose the right film for your application. Whether your wood is untreated, sanded, varnished or lacquered, there is always a solution to protect the ELBA finish.

Decorative laminates are expanding their range by improving their properties:
  • Increased use in new areas and environments requires a significant upgrade.
  • Replacing other materials with the same look and texture, such as wood, stone or metals.
  • Offer new functionalities with anti-fingerprint, high scratch, heat or chemical resistance.


As these trends increase the complexity and value of substrates, they present new challenges for high-performance solutions. More than ever, it is important to use the right film on the right surface for the right application. ELBA anticipates market trends and changes and develops the solutions of tomorrow.

Films for high pressure laminate (HPL) and melamine faced chipboard (MFC/TFL):

ELBA has a wide range of films specially designed for new finishes in HPL or MFC materials. These films keep your products perfect throughout the production process.

Films for lacquered panels:

For the production of stylish and valuable veneers with Anti Fingerprint (AFP) coatings with a matt finish, processing films are essential throughout the production process. Together with its customers, ELBA develops new solutions, especially for new textured surfaces.

Durable and long-lasting high-pressure structural laminates are used for interior applications that require high impact resistance, such as interior wall cladding, scientific surfaces and cabinets. They are also used in architectural applications such as outdoor furniture and façade panels.

ELBA has developed a range of indoor and outdoor protective films to match the different finishes of these high quality surfaces.